This website was designed by Drexel undergraduate students in the course Sex and The City. Click on any of the tabs at the top to explore interviews, maps, photography, and social analysis the class produced to examine urban sexuality within queer Philadelphia.

This course examines the relationship between urban spaces and sexuality. The course focuses on three themes: the role of sexual and gender minorities in the city; sexual commerce like prostitution and sex work; and the social construction of city problems as sexual and family issues. Urbanization allowed the creation of new urban environments allowing alternative stigmatized sexualities to flourish, while simultaneously revealing sexual inequalities through stigmatization, policing, and divestment.

Course topics include: how urban spaces enabled the formation of gay cultures and the role of sexual minorities in gentrification; sex work, sex businesses, and policing; and the problematic social construction of “inner-city families” as social problems. Students in this course learn about how urbanization fosters vibrant cultures and stark inequalities in neighborhoods and explore the notion that our spaces shape who we are and who we love.