This website was developed as a whole class project by Drexel undergraduates in the course Sex and the City.

Student Co-Creators:

  • Phoebe Bostwick
  • Sarah Bray
  • Violet Collins
  • Sabrina Creamer
  • Aylin Ertekin
  • Kissten Faggins
  • Hailey Fletcher
  • Madeleine Fortney
  • Kaylynn Gilbert Gillespie
  • Maddie Gomez
  • Hanna Gutfleish
  • Miranda Johnson
  • Amna Khalafalla
  • Alex Nagy
  • Nic Oberto
  • Skylar Ricci
  • Izzy Sangaline
  • Angel Skipper
  • Anna Su
  • Halleli Zacher
  • Emma Zdgiebloski
  • Christian Zera

Professor: This project was supervised by course professor, Dr. Jason Orne, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Drexel University. An urban sociologist and scholar of sexualities studies, this course combines his two scholarly passions. His latest book is Boystown: Sex and Community in Chicago and you can find more information about his work and scholarship at JasonOrne.com.

If you are interested in the course readings and topics, the syllabus can be downloaded at the following link: